Chairman’s Message


We are so encouraged by EMCC’s growth in the last 15 years. The vision of EMCC was birthed in the early 90’s after Dr John Ng completed his mediation studies at Harvard, and became instrumental in pioneering mediation and mediation training in Singapore. He also saw the need in Singapore communities for professional counselling services and so EMCC was born. Since our humble beginnings EMCC has grown from strength to strength in the provision of professional mediation and counselling services under one roof, particularly in our work with couples and families.

Today, EMCC is even more committed to our integrative services of counselling, mediation and training to foster psycho-emotional and relational wellness. Annually, our counselling, marriage preparation, mediation services and parenting programmes benefit close to 2,000 people. We also distribute free parenting and parent-teen conflict booklets to schools and parenting groups.

The future will see EMCC building on our foundation to expand our services to serve more people.

Our mediation arm will reach out to more community organisations to raise awareness of our mediation services and will take our training programmes further to reach out to more youths, community organisations and the general public. EMCC believes in inculcating peacemaking, especially in the younger generation, and promoting mediation as a primary mechanism for disputing parties to resolve issues.

EMCC will continue to provide counselling services of high quality and professional standards with our team of experienced counsellors to individuals, couples and families.  Our services will be expanded to set up support groups which will help participants with shared experiences to come together to tell their stories and build support networks with one another.

Another initiative will be to provide talks and workshops on psycho-emotional topics such as anger and stress management, building self esteem and increasing positivity to help individuals create a healthier work-life balance.

We believe that every family constitutes the basic structure of society and EMCC’s work aims to encourage strong marriages and families.  EMCC’s “Marriage Journey” arm supports this vision with our Marriage Preparation Programme and more. Our journey with our clients in their preparation for marriage, post-wedding and through the parenting years will cover all these stages of an individual’s life.

Education creates awareness and provides knowledge to help families and individuals to avoid painful mistakes.  EMCC remains committed to distributing our publications of booklets which cover topics such as parenting and parent-teen conflicts, as well as to promote our conflict management resources. Our education efforts complement our workshops and programmes to equip participants with coping and conflict resolution skills.

EMCC’s vision of Bringing Hope to Relationships has been carried out n the last 15 years. EMCC recommits itself to the continuation of this vision with a renewed vigour and passion for the years ahead.

We invite you to partner with us in fulfilling our mission.


Dr Kenny Tan

Chairman, Board of Governors, EMCC