Our Services

EMCC serves a wide section of Singapore’s population, from students, individuals, couples, families, grassroots organisations to employees of corporations. These are served through our Mediation, Counselling, Marriage Journey and Training & Education services.

Our Target Audience

Families & Individuals

Schools & Youths

The Community


Families & Individuals

We firmly believe that the health of the family is critical to society. Strong and stable families contribute to social stability and harmony. Parents and families who can nurture and inculcate positive values in their children will help them grow up to become responsible adults.

On the other hand, we also help individuals and families who are going through stressful moments in marriage, divorce, parenting, domestic violence and other life transitions. Our mediators help divorcing families or family members in disputes resolve their issues.

Schools & Youths

EMCC provides counselling in schools and conducts programmes sponsored by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (formerly Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) such as School Family Education and Enhanced STEP-UP Programmes. We train students in collaboration with Community Mediation Centre (CMC) in peer mediation skills so they can resolve interpersonal conflicts within the context of school.

Community and Organisations

EMCC works alongside organisations to provide training and education to empower their people to cultivate healthy minds and positive attitudes. We are also available for trauma and crisis intervention services in times of urgent need.

We run family mediation workshops for employees of organisations who are in daily contact with clients facing conflicts. We also run workshops on conflict management for organisations. We have been appointed as resident trainers in mediation skills by the Social Service Training Institute (SSTI).

For fathers with children, we run Father-Teen Conflict Resolution workshops under the auspicies of Fathers@Schools and Dads@Communities to teach them how to become aware of conflict triggers and transform the conflicts into opportunities for better understanding and bonding. Our workshops help fathers in their fathering roles as peacemakers.



Types of counselling

Family Therapy

Couple Therapy

Individual Therapy

School Counselling

Employee Assistance Programme

Trauma and Crisis Intervention

Marriage Preparation Programme

Support Group

Clinical Supervision


Marital & Divorce Disputes

Workplace Disputes

Community, Family and other
Relational Disputes

Training & Education


Peer Mediation

Conflict Management


Psycho-emotional &
Relational Well-being

Anger Management

Stress Management

Marriage Enchrichment

Parenting & Fathering

Peacemaking Skills for Parents