Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is EMCC?

EMCC is a professional not-for-profit organisation that provides mediation and counselling services to the general public regardless of race or religion.


2. Is EMCC affiliated to any church?

No. We work with individuals and organisations of any religious order.


3. Are there counsellors who can counsel in Mandarin or dialect?

Yes, we have counsellors who can counsel in Mandarin or dialect.


4. How long does the counselling session last?

Each counselling session lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.


5. How many sessions on average would I need?

On the average the counselling process needs between 4-6 sessions.


6. Do I get to chose my counsellor?

The team will review the case presented and assign the most appropriate counsellor for you.


7. Are my sessions treated as confidential?

EMCC understands that confidentiality is an integral part of establishing the trust and safety necessary to effectively help clients.


8. What is the difference between counselling and mediation?

While there are similarities in the skill sets of counselling and mediation, the main difference lies in that mediation is typically always focused on assisting two or more parties to resolve a specific conflict that has arisen between them.  It does not go beyond that point in dealing with the individuals’ emotional condition and does not offer therapy.

Counselling focuses on the holistic wellbeing of the client, and is typically a therapy process which may or may not include dealing with a specific conflict between the client and another person. Mediation generally follows a structured standard procedure while counselling sessions differ according to the styles and techniques of the specific therapist. Mediation is also typically concluded in one session while counselling therapy can take several sessions.