FAQs (Counselling Fee Adjustment and Commencement of Saturday Operations)

Q: Why is EMCC making an adjustment to its counselling fees? 

A: The last adjustment to our counselling fees was done in 2011. In keeping up with rising costs and to ensure the quality of our service levels, EMCC continually seeks to improve our professional service delivery through staff training and research. This will help us become more effective at our practice and establish ourselves as a Centre of Excellence in Family and Marital Work.

Q: Who will be affected by the fee adjustment? 

A: The fee adjustment will only affect cases commencing in 2016. However, for cases confirmed in December 2015 but commencing only in January 2016 due to non-availability of counsellors, the 2015 rates will still apply.

Q: I am unable to afford the new fees, are there subsidies available?

A: There are subsidies made available through the Tote Board Social Service Fund and public donations made to EMCC. You will be required to fill in a form to determine which tier of subsidies you qualify for. Kindly contact our Intake Officer at 67888220 or email reachus@emcc.org.sg.

Q: I wish to make an appointment for Saturday but require subsidised fees. Can an exception be made?

A: In the event that you are only able to make it on weekends and require subsidised fees. We will evaluate your circumstances on a case-by-case basis with our General Manager before making the necessary arrangement and subsidy accordingly.

Q: Why are subsidies not offered on Saturdays?

A: Subsidies are not offered on Saturdays as we want to ensure that Saturday sessions do not become oversubscribed resulting in a bottle-neck for our clients. Clients who need to talk to someone urgently are encouraged to make alternative arrangements to see our counsellors during the weekdays where more slots are available, thereby  shortening the waiting time to see a counsellor.

Q: Which Saturdays in the year is EMCC operating ? 

A: EMCC will operate on select Saturdays throughout the year. To make an appointment or enquire about sessions on Saturdays, kindly contact our Intake Officer at 67888220 or email reachus@emcc.org.sg.