Beyond “I Do”


Beyond “I Do” prepares couples for a healthy, enriching marriage and harmonious family life. It is designed to lay strong foundation for your marriage, and offers you the opportunity to discuss topics like child rearing, finances, life goals and to work out any issues. Beyond “I Do” equips couples with the necessary skills in managing differences, making room for open communication and facilitating support for each other. The programme includes a marital and personality inventory and caters to marrying, re-marrying and married couples.


The Beyond “I Do” programme are run in two formats: Individual or Group




Programme Fee



Number of sessions



Duration of each session

2 hours

4 hours

Facilitator-to-couple ratio



Includes online inventory




Group sizes

(a) Individual  or

(b) Group programme (up to 6 couples)


A total of 8 hours for all sessions (2 hours per session)

(a) For Individual Couple: 4 sessions

(b) For Group Programme: 2 group sessions

Time (Individual)

By appointment only (Couples are encouraged to enrol in the programme at least 6 months prior to their wedding or at least within 6 months of their marriage.

Time (Group Programme)

Dates:  09 April 2016, 16 April 2016 (Saturdays), 1pm-5.30pm.

The group programme requires a minimum of 3 couples to commence.

To register for the group programme, please fill in a form and  email it to:

Topics Covered (Same topics covered for Individual or Group)

  • Family of Origin
  • In-law Relationship
  • Marital Expectations
  • Relationship Roles
  • Managing Conflicts
  • Communication
  • Personality Scales
  • Sexual intimacy & Family Planning
  • Children and Parenting
  • Financial Planning & Management