Mediation Referrals for FSCs, VWOs and Grassroots Organisations’

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EMCC believes that Family Services Centres (FSCs), Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) and Grassroots Organisations are the bedrock that provide support for families in distress, and we can strengthen this support network through our specialized services in mediation.

Family cases are complex as the issues are multi-pronged, with multiple and specific issues happening within a case. A structured mediation process can help families address, made decisions and move forward on specific issues, while the FSCs, VWOs and Grassroots Organisations can focus on other social support needs, assessment and risk management of the case where necessary.

EMCC offers our mediation services to clients of FSCs, VWOs and Grassroots Organisations (on a referral basis) a 50% discount off our mediation fees. In cases of genuine financial need, the client may be eligible for further subsidies after a means test has been conducted.

Please email or call 6631 9405 for more information.