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PREPARE/ENRICH is the leading relationship inventory and skill-building program used worldwide.  It is built on solid research foundation and significantly improves a couple’s relationship. PREPARE/ENRICH is custom tailored to a couple’s relationship and provides couple exercises to build their relationship skills.

Each inventory, consisting of 30 customized scales, is intended to assess areas in which relationships need to grow and identify strengths that will enable them to progress in a positive direction.  This is an effective instrument to help in enriching the marital lives of the couples.

The PREPARE/ENRICH inventories are comprehensive, diagnostically valuable and designed to generate a meaningful dialogue between the counsellor and the couple. The inventories have been scientifically developed to have high levels of reliability, validity and clinical utility.

THE WORKSHOP teaches and certifies participants to administer, interpret and counsel using the PREPARE/ENRICH On-line Customised Version. The workshop qualifies participants to start using all couple assessment inventories. They are designed to assist counsellors and couples in focusing objectively on critical relationship issues.

The WORKSHOP FEE OF $500 PER PERSON includes a set of Facilitator’s Training Manual consisting of 2 DVDs, 1 Resource CD, 1 complimentary scoring credit, and a Certificate of Accreditation.


Who should attend

Social Workers
Clergy / Religious Leaders
Professional People Helpers


Admission Criteria

Possess a relevant tertiary qualification (Degree in Social Work, Counselling, Psychology, Pastoral Counselling or related disciplines) AND subject to an admission interview.



Only at EMCC will you receive 90 minutes of post-accreditation Consultation-cum-Supervision by a Supervising Consultant, who is an experienced PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator. This will happen in 3 stages:

1. Pre-facilitation Consultation (45 minutes): First, you will be helped by your Supervising Consultant to prepare for a facilitation session. Among other things, you will learn how to develop a session plan to address the couple’s need areas as identified by the inventory, design approaches tailored to the couple’s relationship typology in order to maximise learning and application to achieve marital cohesiveness, assess and interpret report findings while at the same time verifying its accuracy through interview techniques.

2. Facilitation Session: You will then lead an actual facilitation session with a couple where approximately 55 minutes of the session will be videotaped for review by the Supervising Consultant.

3. Post-facilitation Supervision (45 minutes): Finally, you will meet with your Supervising Consultant to receive feedback of your facilitation session on areas such as skills competency, presentation delivery, report processing clarity, and your ability to generate personal awareness and knowledge interest in the couple.

This unique opportunity, available only at EMCC, will help you start using the tool with confidence and proficiency. We are offering it to you at a Special Rate of $250 per facilitator.


David Kan

Seminar Director

David is the manager of Marriage Journey department in Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre. He brings with him extensive years of experience and knowledge as a practitioner in premarital guidance and marital counselling. He has been a regular guest speaker on radio talk programmes and at many parenting seminars and management conferences. As a seminar leader and life skills trainer, he actively conducts public workshops and various training programmes on emotional learning, self-development, relationship optimization, family enrichment and motivational skills.

Since 1999, David is a certified Seminar Director and Facilitator of ‘PREPARE/ENRICH’, a scientifically developed and well-researched relationship diagnostic inventory. He has trained over 500 facilitators to administer Prepare/Enrich inventory in marriage preparatory cum enrichment programs. He is also an accredited Educator of ‘Gottman 7-Principles Program’ on building marriage relationship by The Gottman Institute (USA) and a qualified and licensed practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) psychometric personality profiling tool.

His professional affiliations include: Accredited Positive Parenting Programme practitioner with University of Queensland, Australia; Registered supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association’s College of Counselling Supervisors and an accredited member- certified master supervisor level of the  Association of Psychotherapists & Counsellors (Singapore).


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