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EMCC conducts workshops and training programmes for individuals, couples, families, schools (school leaders, administrators, teachers, students) and organisations.

Nearly every father makes this silent vow as he holds his newborn child in his hands: “I will be the best father I can be to you.”

Fast forward 10 years…and things might not have turned out the way you’d hoped. Relationship with your teenage child are strained, and conversations nearly always turn into shouting matches.

If you are feeling frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned or hopeless about your strained relationship with your teenager, this workshop will inform, instruct and inspire you, giving you hope and help to improve your relationship.

“It’s just a phase!” That what adolescence is to many people. But adolescence is more than just a ‘phase’’ it is a crucial stage in a child’s life in which parents have an indispensable and impactful role. Conflict is unfortunately a common occurrence during this period of time, leaving parents feeling challenged to manage or repair the relationship with their child. But it does not have to be this way. There are things parents can do to turn conflict into conversation.

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