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“It’s just a phase!” That what adolescence is to many people. But adolescence is more than just a ‘phase’’ it is a crucial stage in a child’s life in which parents have an indispensable and impactful role.

The adolescent years are turbulent time as there is much confusion for both the teenager and parents alike. Many parents wonder what is causing their happy, polite, and sociable child to turn into a sombre, overly sensitive, and angry ‘monster’. Hormonal changes during adolescence may explain the outbreak of acne but it is not the main cause of a teenager’s strange, erratic or risky behaviour.

Conflict is unfortunately a common occurrence during this period of time, leaving parents feeling challenged to manage or repair the relationship with their child. But it does not have to be this way. There are things parents can do to turn conflict into conversation.

In this very informative and interactive 3-hour workshop, parents will:

  • Be informed by science about why teenagers act the way their do;
  • Be taught to identify the types and levels of conflict;
  • Be given handles to prevent trivial disagreements from escalating into shouting matches, or worse;
  • Better understand their roles during a conflict through role-playing.

This workshop is designed by counsellors, social workers and mediators to cover as extensive a scope as possible in the area of parent-child conflicts, and is delivered by a team of professionals trained in one or more disciplines of social work, counselling and meditation.

SGD70 per couple or SGD45 per parent

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