Working with the Gottman Institute

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The Gottman Institute (TGI) is built on the approaches in response to the result of decades-long research on thousands of relationships, between couples and within families. Founded by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, the Seattle-based establishment is committed not only to helping troubled marital relationships but also to fortify happy ones.

Ideas like Love Maps, Shared Meaning and turning towards each other are part of the Gottmans’ concept of a Sound Relationship House, where couples need to continually build on their relationship and positively reinforce each other to create a happy, lasting union.

Here at EMCC, we are committed to bring the same principle of reinforcing marriages into the local context, building strong unions that will be foundations for children and families to be based upon.

In 2015, EMCC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TGI to become their exclusive institutional partner based in Singapore. EMCC is the first centre in Singapore to have its professional staff trained in the Gottman Method directly at TGI. We provide local runs of their scientific research-based, couples-focused workshops: ‘The Seven Principles Program for Couples’ and ‘Bringing Baby Home’ for couples and parents, and ‘The Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 & 2 Clinical Training’ catered to counselling professionals.