Your Help. Their Hope.

‘The miserable have no other medicine. But only hope.’ – William Shakespeare

EMCC invests time, energy and money to help people recover from their relational and psycho-emotional setbacks. We endeavour to help these people make the transition from a life of hopelessness, desolation and powerlessness to one of hope, restoration and possibilities.

We invite you to help bring hope to these people and their families, to help them live up to their potential.

By supporting us, you will give these relationally and psycho-emotionally embattled people the opportunity to receive professional help through counselling and mediation at affordable and subsidised rates. We are relying on contributions from donors like you to help us rehabilitate lives and reintroduce once-broken people as happy and productive members of our society.

Please donate to EMCC and know that you are making a tremendous difference in the lives of others. Say “YES!” and partake in this fulfilling journey of bringing HOPE to relationships, to people.

IRAS currently gives 2.5 times tax deduction (2011 – 2015) on donations given by individuals and companies.

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