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Gottman Clinical Training

Level 1
2 – 3 November 2020
8.30am to 6pm

Level 2
4 – 6 November 2020
8.30am to 6pm

Level 3
Not available in 2020

We are pleased to present the Gottman L1 & L2 Workshops via our hybrid workshop! While our Trainer will not be physically present, we are offering our participants a physical venue to attend the online training. Those who cannot gather physically may participate online. Do register quickly as workshop spaces and VCF slots are available only for a limited number of registrants, and on first come first served basis.

For Enquiries
Contact us at 6631 9407 or email us at
HuOne Singapore (update!)
3D River Valley Road
#03-01 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179023


ONLINE (for overseas registrants and those who are unable to attend the workshops physically)

Special Features

> Enjoy the online presence of a certified Gottman trainer (Dr Dave Penner) who will lead discussions and answer questions at pre-determined times. For Level 2, there will be breakout groups and role-plays. This facilitated learning experience is NOT available with the online courses from The Gottman Institute website.

> Access online training videos by Drs John & Julie Gottman (never before included!) and online digital manual(s), which you can retain and review at your own pace.

> Attain a certificate of completion once you complete the required assessment of knowledge at the end of each level.

> Meet, learn and share experiences with like-minded professionals and counsellors.

> Attend physically and enjoy face to face discussions and interactions: have a break from daily screen time and routine!

> Learning continues with post-workshop access to Trainer/Facilitators.
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gottman Clinical training 2020


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2 – 3 november 2020

When couples enter the therapy office, they sting with pain and despair. They look to the clinician to referee chronic conflicts, fix their partners, and rebuild burned bridges. Now, based on Dr John Gottman’s 40 years of compelling research with over 3,000 couples, there’s a practical and highly effective approach to guiding couples across the chasm that divides them.

In this workshop, you will be provided with a research-based roadmap for helping couples compassionately manage their conflicts, deepen their friendship and intimacy, and share their life purpose and dreams.

Apply Gottman Method Couples Therapy to help couples strengthen:

  • The Friendship System – the foundation for intimacy, passion, and good sex
  • The Conflict System – the basis for helping couples identify and address solvable problems, and understand and manage irresolvable differences
  • The Shared Meaning System – the existential foundation of the relationship that helps partners discover their shared purpose for building a life together

learning outcomes

In this two-day workshop, clinicians will learn:

  • New research-based assessments and effective interventions to help understand couples’ struggles
  • Research-based strategies and tools to help couples successfully manage conflicts
  • Skills that empower couples to dialogue about their worst gridlocked issues by uncovering their underlying dreams, history and values
  • Methods to help couples process their fights and heal their hurts
  • Techniques for couples to deepen their intimacy and minimise relapse

Who should attend

  • Mental health providers
  • Allied professionals and clergy
  • Students and interns
  • Family clinic staff
  • Professors/teachers of couples therapy
  • Researchers in the social sciences


  • NIL

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4 – 6 november 2020

Scaffold upon Level 1, the Level 2 clinical training further explores and expands on the professional clinical skills and techniques for working with couples. During the three-day training, participants would learn to internalise and integrate the research-based Gottman Method Assessment and Intervention techniques through group role plays and active discussions in order to become more competent in using them.

learning outcomes

In this three-day workshop, clinicians will learn to:

  • Assess a couple’s ‘Friendship Profile’, ‘Conflict Profile’ and ‘Shared Meanings Profile’
  • Develop interventions that couples can use as antidotes to the ‘Four Horsemen’
  • Help couples to soothe physiological flooding
  • Apply six modes changing the ‘Attack/Defend System’ in couple’s interactions
  • Assist couples in establishing a dialogue about their grid-locked conflicts
  • Select and implement interventions to help couples deepen their ‘Friendship System’ with rituals of connection
  • Select and implement interventions to help couples create a shared system of values and meaning
  • Identify and implement five different co-morbidities common to couples using Gottman Assessments and Interventions

Who should attend

  • Mental health providers
  • Allied professionals and clergy
  • Students and interns
  • Family clinic staff
  • Professors/teachers of couples therapy
  • Researchers in the social sciences


  • Registrants signing up for the Level 2 workshop must have completed the Gottman Couples Therapy Level 1 workshop.

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*not available in 2020*

Through videotaped cases of real couples, hands-on role plays, demonstrations of assessments and interventions, and nuanced discussion of techniques, the Level 3 Practicum significantly expands your understanding of when and how to use Gottman Method approaches.

In a small group setting, you will have the opportunity to practise and refine your use of Gottman Method therapy and receive personalised guidance in developing a roadmap for clinical decisions. Level 3 Practicum content represents the true resistances and co-morbidities we face as therapists and how we can transform them into effective healing methods for the couple. The workshop is structured to help create a safe and secure environment so participants can learn and practise while feeling free of criticism and negative judgement.

learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will understand how to:

  • Effectively use the Oral History Interview during a couple’s assessment and understand its implications
  • Clearly explain to a couple their strengths and challenges in terms of the ‘Sound Relationship House’
  • Help partners identify their own ‘Four Horsemen’ and understand the antidotes
  • Select and utilise appropriate tools to help a couple deepen their ‘Friendship System’
  • Clarify a couple’s conflicts in terms of solvable, perpetual and grid-locked problems
  • Use the ‘Dreams Within Conflict’ technique to help a couple feel hopeful and to achieve break-through with their perpetual conflict
  • Successfully intervene when one or both partners are flooding
  • Help couples reach solutions using the Compromise Ovals intervention
  • Sensitively intervene when co-morbidities are present

Who should attend

  • Mental health providers
  • Allied professionals and clergy
  • Students and interns
  • Family clinic staff
  • Professors/teachers of couples therapy
  • Researchers in the social sciences


  • Completed Level 1 Live Training or DVD Home Study
  • Completed Level 2 Live Training or DVD Home Study
  • A master’s degree, doctoral degree, or current enrolment in a graduate programme within a mental health-related field is required
  • Therapy experience highly recommended, but not required

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EMCC is The Gottman Institute’s exclusive institutional partner in Singapore. We have been organising Gottman Clinical Training in Singapore since 2014.

important points to note

  1. Your registration will not be confirmed until you have made full payment of your selected level/s within 14 days of your invoice date. We will release the spot if payment is not received on time.
  2. Please obtain VCF Approval Letter first, and proceed to upload it as you submit your registration. There are limited spots for VCF registrants and Returnees.
  3. Registration will close on 9th October 2020.
  4. Prices stated here are in Singaporean Dollars.



Returnees refer to individuals who have completed a previous level with EMCC (i.e. Level 1 or Level 1 & 2) and are returning to EMCC to complete the next level with us (i.e. Level 2 or Level 3).


VWO Charities Capability Funding (VCF) is for eligible staff/volunteers from NCSS member VWOs and MSF-funded VWOs.


IMPORTANT: For VCF participants, please ensure you have obtained your VCF approval letter before proceeding with registration. Please note that there are limited spaces available for participants who are registering for this workshop with VCF.

payment modes

After registration, you will receive an email with an attached invoice. From there, you may choose to pay via the following modes of payments:

PayPal We will send you a PayPal link in the email and you may follow the instructions from there.
Cheque Cheque payments should bear the following information and be mailed out to the following address:

Name of Payee: EMCC
Address: 331 North Bridge Road, #22-01/06 Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720

Please write your full name and the titles of the workshops that you have signed up for at the back of the cheque.

Wire Transfer / PayNow The registrant will bear all administrative charges by their local bank. The information provided here is needed to facilitate the wire transfer:

Name of Beneficiary: EMCC
Account Number: 0019052700
Beneficiary Bank Name: DBS Bank
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT BIC Code: DBSSSGSG
Bank Address: DBS Bank Ltd, 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Beneficiary Branch Code: 001
Beneficiary Bank Code: 7171

PayNow UEN no: S97SS0164E




refund policy

  • No refunds will be given if cancellation is made after 30 September 2020.
  • Your registration is transferable. You may give your place to another person in the event that you are unable to attend the workshop. Please write an email to to inform us of the name of the person replacing you.
    • For VWO registrants: In the event of a replacement, the new registrant must submit a new application for VCF pre-approved funding. The registrant must send in their VCF pre-approval email to All VCF pre-approval emails should reach us at least 2 weeks before the start of the workshop.
  • All refunds will only be arranged after the event.

dr dave penner, ph.d.

Clinical Director, The Gottman Institute

Dave Penner is a licensed clinical psychologist and is the Clinical Director of The Gottman Institure. He is the author of the Educator’s Manual for Teaching the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, which is based on years of experience teaching John Gottman’s Seven Principles book.

He has trained therapists in the Gottman Method in North America, Asia and Europe and is the co-developer of the Gottman Seven Principles Educator Programme.

In his role as the Clinical Director, Dr. Penner oversees clinical aspects of Institute, including providing consultation to Certified Gottman Therapists and clinicians in training; selecting and training consultants for clinicians pursuing certification; training and supervising video reviewers who certify therapists in the Gottman Method; overseeing quality control of new programs and products; training and supervising roving therapists at couples workshops; responding to quality concerns about therapists and consultants; and answering clinical questions.

Dave has practiced for over 30 years as an individual and couples therapist, working in private practice, university, mental health and hospital settings.

(Bio taken from The Gottman Institute)

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