What is Counselling

Counselling is the process of helping individuals, couples, and families work through challenging issues, find ways to cope better with struggles, and bring about positive changes.

Counselling can help families and couples find hope in their relationships where reconciliation is possible, or help them cope with the emotions involved if they decide to go their separate ways.

Counselling can also be useful for individuals who want to live differently and more meaningfully, tease out hidden goals and desires, overcome obstacles, and perhaps establish clarity about life choices and plans for the future.

Feedback Informed Treatment

EMCC takes an active stance in wanting our clients to reach their therapeutic goals while also desiring to push the boundaries of standards of clinical work in our centre and beyond. When we found that traditional forms of feedback (i.e. forms administered at the end of a number of sessions or when clients had already finished their treatment) did little to help existing clients and did not inform counsellors if their clients were going to reach successful outcomes or even return for the next session, EMCC decided to integrate Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) into all our counselling services in the year 2013.

FIT is a researched and evidence-based culture and approach that has shown to double the effectiveness of therapy while reducing drop-out and deterioration rates. The heart of FIT is about giving clients back their voice as they provide feedback on how they have been coping and also on the professional service that they are receiving at every session. This practice helps build trusting and effective working alliances between counsellors and clients, so that positive outcomes are reached while counsellors get to really tune in to how they can better attend to their clients at each progressive session.

In recent years, EMCC has seen an increase in the number of sessions and it is hoped that the integration of FIT has been a contributing factor to clients being more willing to return so that they can receive the help that they need walking their different journeys through life.

EMCC promotes relational wellness by repairing, preserving, and improving relationships through our counselling and mediation work. Through these services, we want to enable the people we serve to move forward in their lives stronger, more resilient and with healthier relationships.

Counselling helps individuals, couples, and families to…

Facilitate personal growth
  • Develop positive ways of coping
  • Explore personal resources and develop new skills
Deal with negative feelings and emotions
  • Recover from negative effects of past experiences
  • Broaden perspectives and gain new insights
Improve or preserve marriages and/or relationships
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Acquire new skills to solve problems
  • Enhance attachment and build intimacy within relationship
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