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EMCC conducts workshops and training programmes for individuals, couples, families, schools (school leaders, administrators, teachers, students) and organisations.

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Registration is now open
About Adulting: What Is My Child Going Through?
Registration closing: 22 August 2022

Do you sometimes feel you no longer know how to parent your adulting child?
Do you feel hurt that your child has grown disconnected from you?
Would you like to learn more about your child’s adulting world?

Registration is now open
Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
Registration Closing: Aug 26, 2022

The first step toward improving or enhancing your marriage is to understand what happens when relationships fail. This has been well documented by Dr. John Gottman’s extensive research into couples that were not able to save their marriages. Learning about the failures can prevent your relationship from making the same mistakes – or rescue it if it already has.

Conflict Management & Basic Mediation

Conflict management and basic mediation are useful skills that are applicable in many areas of life, such as at home, at work, and in all types of relationships. Through this workshop you will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to be able to turn conflicts into opportunities.

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