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How you can donate

(1) To donate by Cheque, please:

    1. make your cheque payable to “Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre Ltd”
    2. mail your cheque to EMCC, 100 Victoria Street, #11-02 National Library Building, S188064

(2) To donate at, please click here on our page.

(3) To donate by PayNow, please scan the following QR code. Alternatively, you may also enter our company UEN number: 201904577Z

Donations of $50 and above are eligible for 250% tax deduction, if you require a Tax-Deduction Receipt, please email your full name (as per NRIC) and your tax reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN) to If you are making a donation on behalf of your company, please email your company name and UEN number to

EMCC may collect and use your personal information for donation-related and communication purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

For all other fundraising, partnership or donation enquiries, please kindly get in touch with us at

Impact Stories

After suffering an ectopic pregnancy and having to surgically remove her foetus, Ming was consumed by inexplicable grief and pain. Yet the trials only kept coming as she lost her dream job and had to cope with antagonistic behaviour from her family during her darkest hour. Thoughts of suicide crossed her mind as she looked out her room’s window – but at that moment, she miraculously received a message from an acquaintance with a plea to seek help from EMCC.

Ming took the first step on her road to recovery with EMCC that day. Fortunately, with the subsidies provided by the centre, she was able to commit to regular counselling sessions despite her financial struggles. Today, Ming has a much healthier outlook on life and is excited to glean more at her next counselling session.

“After the surgery, I couldn’t work but I had to fork out upwards of $1800 a month for medicine and confinement meals. Without the subsidies, I would not have been able to attend counselling and continue living.” – Ming, 30.

Each year, EMCC provides subsidies for about 75% of clients who come to us seeking help, including those from lower-income families, students, young working adults, and individuals in helping professions. Each year, we are seeing more people coming to us for help and we need at least $100,00 annually as subsidies.  Without the help of donors like yourself, we would not have been able to provide a lifeline to survivors like Ming.

Recent Campaigns

Tapestry of Hope Giving Market

As part of our Tapestry of Hope campaign, EMCC partnered with our community partners to organize our first Giving Market on 2nd & 3rd December 2023 (Saturday & Sunday) to build mental health awareness and raise funds to support our subsidies fund.

Together with local small businesses, this cozy weekend event helped to raise greater awareness about mental health with activities to support mental well-being.

The enriching line-up for this event included:

  • Mental health talks by EMCC’s counsellors.
  • Workshops conducted by local artists.
  • Photographic exhibit depicting mental health journeys.
  • Booths offering curated products from homegrown businesses.
  • Communal art display that visitors can collectively participate in creating.


“I was initially shocked to learn that my daughters had sought therapy and continue to consult mental health professionals to help resolve issues. I now realize that seeking therapy is a healthy and proactive approach and fully support this cause.” ~ LLY, Donor

“EMCC is doing valuable work to empower those seeking help.  The skills shared are life changing.” ~ CLL, Donor

“Our niece committed suicide in June 2020 at the age of 29. She was a doctor and had just started her specialist training to be a pediatrician. She had been suffering from depression for several years, but nobody saw this coming. It was devastating for the whole family.” ~ Anonymous Donor

#EMCC Tapestry of Hope: An Update

The EMCC Tapestry of Hope appeal has now ended. Thanks to donations from some 90 donors, we were able to raise $95,456.  Your donations will go towards subsidising counselling sessions for those in mental distress, including those from lower-income households. 

Thank you very much for your generous support.

#Better Mental Health For Better Relationships: An Update

The Better Mental Health For Better Relationships appeal has now ended. Your donations will go towards supporting our counselling work to restore lives and relationships. 

Thank you very much for your generous support.

#Waves of Hope: An Update

The Waves of Hope appeal has now ended. Your donations will help individuals and families from lower-income households to get the professional mental health support that  they need, at substantially subsidised rates.

Thank you very much for your generous support.

#EMCC Jubilee Appeal: An Update

The EMCC Jubilee appeal has now ended. Thanks to donations from some 30 donors, we were able to raise $302,068.  Your donations will be used to continue our mission and help more individuals and families manage relational challenges, build emotional resilience, and maintain psychological health and mental wellness through counselling and mediation services, as well as training and education programmes.

Thank you very much for your generous support.

#YourLoveBrings Hope Appeal: An Update

The Love & Hope: Support our Youth appeal has now ended. Thanks to donations from some 30 donors including NTUC FairPrice Foundation and others who have chosen to stay anonymous, we were able to raise $25,813.  Your donations will be used to subsidise counselling sessions and free talks/ workshops for young people and their care-givers.

Thank you very much for your generous support.

EMCC Tele-fundraising Initiative

EMCC has engaged partner tele-fundraising agents from SG Global Support Services to share about our work and appeal for donations.

All donations will go directly into EMCC’s bank account, and costs incurred in conducting the appeals, including service fees to our partner fundraisers fall within the guidelines under the Charities (Registration of Charities) Regulations, issued by the Commissioner of Charities.

Our tele-fundraising agents may contact you regarding details of your donations (e.g. update of particulars, soliciting donations for our programmes and services). You may receive calls from the numbers 6664 8196 and 6653 2901.

For more information on our tele-fundraising agents please click on the button below:

Information on Service Agents/Partner Fundraisers

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