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Love & Hope: Support our Youth Appeal

This appeal runs till 31 August 2022 and so far we have only received 30% of what is needed.  Our young people are struggling and need your help. In Singapore, suicide is the leading cause of death for those aged 10-29.  In addition to these suicides, there are many more self-harm incidents and suicide attempts.  Please donate today to make a difference.

Your donations will be used to subsidise counselling sessions for students and young working adults, and to organise free talks and workshops. Already, we have launched the About Adulting series.  The first talk was held on 21 July and the second will take place on 27 August (see below).

This appeal has been approved under the government’s matching programme so your donation will make twice the impactIt will be matched dollar for dollar by the government.  But we will get the government portion only if you donate.

You may donate by cheque or at our page:

(1) By cheque, please:

  1. make your cheque payable to “Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre Ltd”
  2. write on the back of the cheque: “Love & Hope: Support our Youth”
  3. mail your cheque to EMCC, 100 Victoria Street, #11-02 National Library Building, S188064

(2) Or Click here to Donate on our page

Your donation is tax deductible. For donations of $50 and above, you will benefit from tax deduction of 2.5 times your donation.

Thank you very much for your generosity.

“EMCC is doing valuable work to empower those seeking help.  The skills shared are life changing.” ~ CLL, Donor

“I was initially shocked to learn that my daughters had sought therapy and continue to consult mental health professionals to help resolve issues. I now realize that seeking therapy is a healthy and proactive approach and fully support this cause.” ~ LLY, Donor

“Our niece committed suicide in June 2020 at the age of 29. She was a doctor and had just started her specialist training to be a paediatrician. She had been suffering from depression for several years, but nobody saw this coming. It was devastating for the whole family.” ~ Anonymous Donor

This appeal has been approved under the government’s matching programme and runs from 25 May to 31 August 2022.

About Adulting: What Is My Child Going Through?


Youth mental health in Singapore a growing concern

Since EMCC was set up 25 years ago in 1997, we have seen increasing numbers of young people coming in to seek help.

Numerous surveys and studies show that the mental health of young people in Singapore is a growing concern.  The pandemic has made the situation worse.  In 2021, suicide among those aged 10 – 29 increased and remains the leading cause of death for this age age in Singapore.  In a 2021 TODAY survey of 1,066 respondents aged between 18 – 35, “stressed out” (41%) and “anxious” (37%) were the top two mental states they chose for a question about their experience in the recent 3 months.

Apart from the perennial issue of stress from schoolwork and exams, the proliferation of social media has added issues like cyber-bullying, digital addiction and FOMO (the fear of missing out).  Photos and videos on social media are extensively edited to project impressions of a perfect life and produce unrealistic expectations.  While some may realise these are unreal images, many still feel the need to keep up, leading to constant anxiety and stress.  Yet they feel unable to unhook themselves for fear of missing out and not being perceived as being in the know about all the latest trends and talking points.  This relentless anxiety leaves them unable to relax and sleep well.  Some become sleep-deprived, leaving them with even less physical, emotional and mental resources to cope with the daily stresses of their work and social lives, resulting in more stress and a downward spiral.

We are seeing many young adults in the workforce feeling overwhelmed. With overly ambitious goals such as achieving financial security and retiring from the work force by age 40 or gaining fame and celebrity by 30 (measured by the number of social media followers), many see themselves as failures when they miss these milestones.

Counselling can help our youth to better manage their mental wellbeing by helping them to develop coping strategies and explore personal resources to overcome challenges.


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