Donations support our work in helping couples and families in crisis, through our integrative counselling and mediation services. We believe in helping families and couples strengthen their marriages to create the healthy environment necessary for children to grow up in.

If you share the same passion as us and are willing to support us you may choose to do either of the following

You are applicable for 250% tax deduction when you 1) donate $10 and above and 2) provide us your NRIC.

1) Cheque

Please make your crossed cheque payable to “EMCC”, indicate your full name, NRIC and contact details at the back of the cheque (for tax-deductible receipt), and mail it to our address.

177 River Valley Road
#05-19 (Level M5) Liang Court
Singapore 179030

2) Donate to Us Online

100% of donations through goes to EMCC, there are no administrative charges.

3) Fundraise For Us

Instead of giving from your own pocket, how about getting your friends on board as well? Do something challenging/interesting for EMCC’s cause and get your friends to donate towards it. It can be simple as growing a beard for a month, using your birthday as a fundraiser or as challenging as running a marathon, shaving your legs or well… the rest is up to your imagination.

You can choose to fundraise for us, using these two platforms:

Simply Giving charges a service fee of $5 on top of bank charges, funds donated through PayPal are subjected to 2.4% + $0.50 card processing fee. The remaining amount goes to EMCC.

All funds donated to GiveAsia are subjected to 2% charge by the credit-card companies and banks.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you represent a organisation or corporation who is interested in partnering with us for a corporate social responsibility initiative. We will be more than glad to provide you with the necessary support.

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