Adult Counselling (Individual)

Adult Counselling offers you a safe and confidential space to receive support from our counsellors, process your thoughts and feelings, and to decide on your best possible action towards your goals.

You can speak with our counsellors about your challenges in any of these areas:

What Can I Expect from My First Session?

It’s common to come to therapy feeling uncertain and fearful about the process. Speaking to the counsellor about your reservations could help you ease into the process. In doing so, you are invited to let the therapist know of any information that is relevant to your concerns.

Coming in with an open mind on how the session could help you with your main issue,
and knowing what you would like to discuss in therapy with your counsellor, could help steer the sessions in ways where it is meaningful for you.

For clients that are unsure of how they can go about the session, allow the counsellor to guide you along. Having an end in mind would also be useful, where your goals are explored and to allow strategies to be co-created to provide clarity and tools to steer yourself in a direction of living a fulfilled, and meaningful life.

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