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Since we started offering our services in 1997, our counsellors and mediators have walked with thousands of clients, through their challenges at work and home, through their grief and loss, stress and trauma, addictions and marital difficulties. Along the way, hundreds of individuals, companies and foundations stepped up and supported EMCC financially (most choosing to do so anonymously) so that we in turn could support our clients. Their donations have had a profound impact on the lives of many individuals and families. 

Our Clients’ Journeys



Ming’s Story

After suffering an ectopic pregnancy, Ming was consumed by inexplicable grief and pain. Thoughts of suicide crossed her mind as she looked out her room’s window – but at that moment, she miraculously received a message to seek help from EMCC. Ming took the first step on her road to recovery with EMCC that day. [Read more]

Connor’s Journey

Connor* is 60 years old and has two grown children from his first marriage. Last year, when his mother died after an illness, he met his siblings and other family members to discuss arrangements and issues arising from her passing. [Read more]

Cheng’s Story

Last year, almost in desperation, Cheng* and husband came to EMCC to seek help for her two children.  A year later, she sees herself and the world in a completely different way. [Read more]

Tanya’s Story

Tanya* is 31 and married. She works as a Senior Social Worker, a role which revolves around giving help and support to others in need. Facing tremendous challenges and stress at work, she finally decided to seek help for herself.
[Read More]

Adam’s Journey

“I found myself struggling to juggle the demands placed on me. Seeing how I was quite close to actually carrying out my suicidal thoughts scared me a lot.” Adam* writes about his journey.[Read More]


EMCC Highlights 2022



Our clients share their stories on video

My Counselling Journey: B’s Story of Hope

With his marriage breaking down while battling with an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, B finds hope with the guidance of a professional counsellor.

Counselling saved my life

She grew up with an abusive father. As an adult, after leaving an abusive relationship, she contemplated suicide. Thanks to counselling, she is alive today. This is her journey..

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