Grief is an emotional experience that is complex encompassing a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions triggered by a loss. It is acknowledged that grief is a natural process of healing that takes place for us to go through the struggles of letting go and accepting of the loss.  Losses comes in many forms, from the loss of jobs, relationships, failures, material assets, and death.

Everyone is likely to experience grief and loss during their lifetime. However, the experience that individuals go through may vary depending on one’s personal expectations and beliefs about grief.


What Grief Counselling Can Do?

Grief counselling facilitates individuals in coping with their emotional, psychological challenges that may arise after experiencing a loss.

  • It provides a safe space to process your emotions and encourage healthy healing
  • Guides clients to adopt practical coping strategies to manage the emotional experience and to navigate daily life while grieving.
  • By understanding your journey with grief could help support and prepare individuals for the road ahead.
  • Grief may be complicated by other factors such as trauma and unresolved issues. Sessions could provide a safe space for clients to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns and to build new routines amongst a new normal.
  • Honouring the loss. The importance of honoring the memory could not be understated.

Grief is a natural response to loss, and seeking support is a sign of strength and courage. You don’t have to face this journey alone. Speaking to someone and allowing us to support you on your path of healing can help.

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