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General enquiry/ appointment form

Appointment Form (EAP)

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You will be contacted within 3 working days.

Our Intake Officer will talk with you further about the appointment, fees and other administrative matters that you may have queries about.

You may also call us at 6788 8220 from Mondays to Fridays, 9am – 6pm.


Counselling Fees (Effective: September 2021)

Weekday appointment

  Individual counselling Couple/Family counselling
Singaporeans/PR $160 per hour $180 per hour
Foreigners $180 per hour $200 per hour
Subsidy does not apply for Foreigners.

Saturday appointment

  Individual counselling Couple/Family counselling
Singaporeans/PR & Foreigners $180 per hour $200 per hour
Subsidy does not apply for Saturday appointment.

Appointment with your choice of a specific counsellor

  Individual counselling Couple/Family counselling
Singaporeans/PR & Foreigners $180 per hour $200 per hour
Subsidy does not apply if you choose a specific counsellor.

Appointment with Counselling Intern* (supervised by SAC registered Supervisor)

* Master in Counselling student

Weekday Appointment

Saturday Appointment







This option is only available:

  • For Individual Counselling
  • If you earn less than $4,000 per month or if you are a full-time student

To request this option, please fill in the Enquiry Form and indicate “Master Subsidy” in the Message Box.

Play Therapy

  Weekday appointment Saturday appointment
Singaporeans/PR $140 $160
Foreigners $200 $200
Subsidy does not apply for Play Therapy sessions.


Cancellation Charge

  1. A late cancellation fee of 50% of your prevailing counselling fee will apply if you do not notify us at least 2 working days before your appointment.
  2. To avoid the late cancellation fee, we encourage you to keep track of your counselling appointment.  If you need to cancel/change the appointment, do notify us via phone (6788 8220) or email ( ONLY.
  3. If you are unwell on your appointment day, the late cancellation fee will be waived upon receipt of your Medical Certificate for that day.  Otherwise, the late cancellation fee will be invoiced during your next counselling session.


  1. Duration for a session is normally 1 hour.  After the first hour, additional fee is pro-rated by the subsequent half-hour block (eg, 1.5 hours chargeable if session exceeds 1 hour but ends by 1 hour 30 mins).
  2. Parents are required to sign the Client Consent to Service form for their child/youth (below the age of 21 years old) who is coming for counselling.  Parents can settle the payment before or after the session.
  3. Modes of payment accepted at our centre are Nets, PayNow, bank transfer and PayPal (debit/credit card).
  4. Receipt will be issued only upon request.

Counselling Subsidy

Terms and conditions

  1. Must be Singaporean/PR and staying in HDB flat.  No subsidy for foreigner and those (including student, NS man) staying in private housing regardless of ownership.
  2. Not applicable for Saturday counselling appointment and/or if you request to see a specific counsellor.
  3. The Management of EMCC will decide the subsidy outcome based on gross monthly income with supporting documents.
  4. The subsidy is reviewed twice a year and will not be renewed automatically.
  5. If approved, the subsidised counselling fee is as follow:
Individual Counselling Client’s gross monthly income must be below $6,000 $40 – $140 per hour
Couple Counselling Couple’s combined gross monthly income must be below $8,000 $80 – $160 per hour
Family Counselling Family’s combined gross monthly income must be below $8,000 $80 – $160 per hour

Application for Subsidy

  1. You need to email the following supporting documents:

CPF Contribution History

  • CPF contribution history for the past 6 months.

Notice of Assessment from IRAS

  • Latest NOA statement from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

Self-Declaration Form

  • If you are either a NSF, Full-time Student, Homemaker or on Ad-hoc Employment, you will also need to

(i)  email a picture of your student/NS pass/latest pay slip for your ad-hoc employment AND

(ii) download and email the Self-Declaration Form   (Click here to download)

  1. We need at least 3 working days to process your application. However, if you need an urgent appointment and are unable to submit your documents on time,  you may opt to proceed with the first session at full counselling fee.

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