Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

For employees of organisations that have an existing EAP arrangement with EMCC

Please click here to book a counselling session.  You may also reach us at or 6788 8220 if you need assistance.

Employees are one of the greatest assets for organisations of any size and their wellbeing is crucial to the organisation’s success.   The EMCC Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is designed to help corporations and organisations provide professional, confidential, and relevant counselling and training services to support their employees in handling personal and work-related challenges. 

[NCSS member agencies may use NCSS funding for our EAP as EMCC is a listed Member EAP Service Provider under the “Caring for Social Service Professionals” initiative.]

Our EAP Services include: 

  1. In-person and online counselling
  2. Mental well-being talks and workshops
  3. Retrenchment support (peer support training & counselling) 
  4. Coping with Crisis workshop for staff 
Interested in our EAP?

Please contact us at or 6788 8220

Designing an Employee Assistance Programme

We can work with you to design an Employee Assistance Programme that best suits the circumstances of your organisation. A typical EA Programme will provide opportunities for employees to receive support from professionals such as counsellors, as well as informative talks and workshops to educate employees on various aspects of mental well-being and relational issues. 

Our counsellors are professionally trained to work through a wide range of presenting issues, such as anger, anxiety, burnout, depression, grief and loss, relational conflict, and workplace stress. The duration of each counselling session is 1 hour.  Appointments are available from Monday to Friday.       

We provide psychoeducational talks in areas such as avoiding and bouncing back from burnout, managing conflict and support for staff who have been retrenched. The talks and workshops can be customised to best cater to the organisation’s needs. 

Please contact us at or 6788 8220 to explore.

Our EAP Clients & Partners 

EMCC collaborates with clients and partners from a wide range of industries and professions including the hospitality industry, lawyers, social workers, and engineers. 

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