A Glimpse of EMCC’s Impact in 2023

2023 has been a meaningful year for EMCC as we expanded our services and deepened our impact in the mental health community. Read on about our key achievements, heartwarming success stories, and important data that showcase our ongoing commitment to mental health and community support. Join us in celebrating our progress and exploring new opportunities for growth and healing.

2023 at a Glance

  • We helped 540 counselling clients, of which around 50% received subsidies for their sessions.
  • We trained 724 professionals through various training programmes, such as our signature Gottman Clinical Training.
  • We prepared 73 couples for their marriage journey through our Individual and Group Marriage Preparation Programmes.
  • As EMCC sought to raise awareness for mental health, we spoke to 1106 individuals through the complimentary talks given by our counsellors.

Top 5 mental health issues addressed through counselling

In 2023, EMCC handled 485 counselling cases. We addressed issues such as Anxiety (19%), Marital (18%), Trauma (12%), Career Planning (7%), and Mood Disorder (6%).

Our counsellors continued to equip themselves with relevant skillsets to provide the best support for our clients.

The Impact of Counselling

To read more client stories, stay tuned for our July newsletter and check out our social media posts! 

Notable Highlights of Our Initiatives

Complimentary programmes for job seekers

EMCC – Barclays LifeSkills Programme

  • In 2023, Singaporeans grappled with rising unemployment, exacerbating mental health challenges that could affect individuals and families on emotional, financial, and social levels. EMCC partnered with Barclays to tailor a comprehensive mental wellness programme for the unemployed.
  • Through engaging peer support groups, one-to-one counselling sessions, skills training, and job coaching, we empowered 102 participants in 2023 with the tools they needed to navigate the challenges and uncertainties during the period of unemployment.

Collaborations with WSG and GenSG

  • Recognising the critical importance of supporting employees, EMCC has been proactive in addressing those needs.
  • In collaboration with Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Generation Singapore (GenSG), we organised talks focusing on job stress, burnout, and resilience, aimed at helping individuals manage workplace challenges effectively.

Training programmes for clinical practitioners

  • Following the successful launch of our first Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTSI) training by Dr Robert Rhoton, CEO of the Arizona Trauma Institute in 2022, EMCC organised a re-run of the training in 2023.
  • To further support practitioners, an intermediate level training, Salutogenic Asset Focused – Narrative Exposure Therapy (SAF-NET), was also introduced.
  • Robert Rhoton trained 92 practitioners across two training programmes held from 24 – 29 July at Amara Singapore.
  • Those well-received sessions provided valuable insights and advanced skills to the attending professionals.

Community Outreach: Tapestry of Hope Giving Market

  • As part of our Tapestry of Hope campaign, EMCC collaborated with our community partners to organise our first Giving Market on 2 & 3 December 2023 to build mental health awareness and raise funds to support our subsidies fund.
  • Together with local small businesses, the cosy weekend event helped to raise greater awareness about mental health with activities to support mental well-being.

Financial Review

In FY2023, with the support of our donors and funders, we raised a total of $144,361 to help with the operating costs of EMCC and subsidies for counselling clients. 

Total Income                                            Total Expenditure

  • EMCC’s total income in 2023 was $1,383,519 and comprised Grants, Programme Fees, Donations, and Others. 
  • EMCC’s total expenditure in 2023 was $1,456,061 and comprised Programme Costs and Administrative Expenses. 





Thank you for journeying with EMCC and our clients through their seasons of life.  

We invite you to join us in the road ahead to deepen our mission to offer hope to those in mental and emotional distress. Click here to help.

For more information, read our Annual Report 2023.

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