A Game Changer and a Huge Thank You

In 2021, EMCC training participants jumped from fewer than 200 to over 1,600 and Counselling sessions increased by more than 30%.  What happened and what is the connection to donations? We explain and say a huge Thank You to everyone who gave to Give Hope.


A Game Changer

Moving our training courses online was a game changer for EMCC. In 2020, fewer than 200 people participated in our training and education events. In 2021, this number was more than 1,600!

Our online talks and courses proved very popular for people who enjoyed the convenience of learning from home on a range of topics such as Empathic Listening Skills, Dealing with Addiction and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

The number of participants was also bolstered by our counsellors and trainers reaching out to schools to conduct workshops both online and on-site. In March 2021, we went to Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) to conduct workshops on mental health awareness and management, covering areas such as anxiety, depression, self-harm and self-care. During SMU’s Mental Health Awareness Week in October 2021, we conducted a workshop on Building Relational Connection through a better understanding of the Languages of Love and Coping Postures.

Going online also helped some of our counselling clients who had been seeing their counsellor for a while before the pandemic restrictions were imposed. For these clients, having already established a rapport with their counsellor meant they were comfortable switching from in-person to online sessions. Being able to save on travelling time was a bonus!

A Closer Look

EMCC counsellors and psychotherapists attended to almost 450 counselling cases in 2021.

About a third of the cases presented with mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression) and addiction.

Another third of the cases were in the areas of grief, trauma, personal development or career/workplace-related challenges.

The remaining of the cases were facing challenges in couple/marital relationships, and 14% in family relationships.

In 2021, EMCC conducted almost 2,000 counselling sessions, a more than 30% increase over the previous year. This was in large part due to more clients following through with their clinical sessions and therapy.

We want to thank our clients for trusting us to journey with you.

It helped that most of our clients, 84%, were able to tap into our subsidy schemes. In other words, for every 10 cases, 8 to 9 cases paid a discounted rate.

Your donations help – thank you!

We were able to take on such a high percentage of subsidised cases thanks to government grants and private donations. Not having to worry about the cost of the sessions took a load off the minds of our clients and allowed them to return to see their counsellor to receive the help they needed.

These contributions also enabled us to conduct more talks and workshops to empower a wider range of people (seniors, parents, students and young adults) with mental health awareness and knowledge.

We wrapped up our Give Hope appeal on 31 March 2022. In total, we received over $81,000 from more than 50 donors. All the donations will go towards our work in supporting disadvantaged individuals and families. A huge thank you to each and every one of our supporters who gave so generously.

We will launch our Jubilee year fundraising appeals next month. Please look out for the announcements and we hope you will continue to support EMCC.

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