Can We Help Lighten Their Pain?

In this video, we introduce Anwar, a dedicated healthcare worker and family man who faced immense challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. After attending several counselling sessions, Anwar began to notice significant improvements in his mental well-being. Today, he is thriving, continuing to apply the coping strategies he learned, and navigating life with renewed strength and confidence. 

Watch as Anwar explores a treasure chest – each item in the chest symbolises a part of his mental health journey and his current feelings. Join us to see what he picked and hear his story.

Through our subsidies scheme, Anwar was able to access counselling at a subsidised rate, which provided crucial support during a difficult time.

To help more people like Anwar, EMCC is aiming to raise a total of SGD288,000 through our Hope is at Hand campaign to provide some *530 individuals, couples, or families with subsidised counselling. To ensure that the counselling sessions lead to holistic recovery for our clients, a minimum of five sessions would often be encouraged. 

Your donations to our Hope is at Hand campaign will help us continue providing subsidies for those in need of counselling support.  It is our belief that mental health support must be accessible to anyone who needs it, regardless of one’s financial ability. 

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By supporting EMCC, you also play a pivotal role in breaking down barriers to mental health care and creating a supportive environment where people are empowered to seek the help they need. 



*Each case in view of its complexities, require at least five counselling sessions before the client is able to recover from or overcome their issue or condition.  

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