Couple Counselling

  • Are you struggling to understand your dating partner or constantly getting into arguments with your spouse?
  • Are you hurting because of emotional neglect or an extra-marital affair? Wondering whether to stay in or leave the marriage?

Speak with our counsellors to explore your options and about how you can work to resolve these relational issues with your partner.

Our counsellors are trained in marital therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy (see more below).

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Relationship Red Flags


Gottman Method Couples Therapy 

The Gottman Method is an approach to couples therapy that

  1. includes a thorough assessment of a couple’s relationship and integrates research-based interventions.
  2. It uses the Sound Relationship House framework to help couples to
    • disarm conflicting verbal communication
    • increase affirmation, respect, and intimacy
    • remove barriers that create a feeling of isolation
    • create a heightened sense of empathy and appreciation within the marital relationship

 Gottman Method Couples Therapy Packages

Packages Cost

Gottman Assessment Package (4 sessions)

  1. Online Gottman Relationship Check-up assessment for each partner
  2. 4 assessment sessions: 2 couple interview sessions and 2 individual interview sessions
  3. Gottman Relationship Check-up Assessment Report

(4 sessions)





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