Touching Lives

Since 1997, EMCC has helped thousands of adults, youth and families, to overcome mental health challenges, resolve conflicts and repair relationships through counselling, mediation and training.

Hear the testimonies of those whose lives we have touched.  Hear also from those who have supported us in our mission over the last 25 years.

From our Clients

 “EMCC has helped me make a breakthrough in my difficult relationship with my parents. I was on the verge of cutting ties with them, but after many sessions of processing things with EMCC, I managed to muster the courage to set some much-needed boundaries. This has allowed me to connect and share with my parents once again.” – C, 20s

 “Counselling helped me to look out of the box and I began to see there were many ways on the outside. Step by step, I learnt about my own ways of self-sabotage and began to embrace my own empowerment.” – “Cheng”, 50s

 “This is my first counselling experience and I am very grateful to my counsellor, Dawn. I felt very safe when I shared my issues and challenges with her. I gained a lot of insight about myself and the issues, and I would definitely recommend those who are hesitant about counselling to give it a shot! It’s not as scary as you think!” – Jenny, 28

 “I think this was one of the biggest takeaways from my sessions with Sanny, to stop and reflect on how much of what I perceive of myself is grounded in reality, or if I was being overly self-critical.” – “Adam”, 30s

 “At some juncture in our lives, we will face issues which even friends and family with their best intentions cannot help you resolve. Working hand-in-hand with a professional counsellor helps you find and open that little door in your mind which helps you see things very clearly. Counselling has helped me to become kinder to myself.  Going forward, I want to continue to raise my self-awareness and be able to find peace and happiness one morsel at a time.”  – “Connor”, 60s

“The team did an excellent job sharing an overview of different conditions, risks and stressors, and ways to address these issues. Also, the sharing of concrete steps that we can take when we encounter specific incidents and constant reassurance throughout the sessions was especially helpful. The roleplays also helped us to put our learnings into practice and uncover gaps that we may have missed.” – Participant, EMCC Training on Mental Health and Crisis Management

“The session has created in me more awareness of the stress I am experiencing. It has made me more determined to take action to help take concrete steps to a better mental and physical well-being.” – Participant, EMCC Training on Burnout

“Creating a space for professionals to come together to know more, makes learning a collective process. Thank you for the Conference!” – Participant, EMCC 25th Anniversary Conference

From our Donors

“I donated because it’s a worthy cause. Our niece committed suicide in June 2020 at the age of 29. She was a doctor and had just started her specialist training to be a paediatrician. She had been suffering from depression for several years, but nobody saw this coming. It was devastating for the whole family.”  – Anonymous Donor

 “I was initially shocked to learn that my daughters had sought therapy and continue to consult mental health professionals to help resolve issues. I now realize that seeking therapy is a healthy and proactive approach and fully support this cause.” – LLY, Donor

 “EMCC is doing valuable work to empower those seeking help.  The skills shared are life changing.” – CLL, Donor

 “I’ve teenage children as well and I’m very appreciative that I can contribute in some way to our youth and community.”  – Anonymous Donor

From our Counsellor

This is an excerpt of a message from an EMCC Counsellor who was moved to write to a generous donor.  As the donor had requested anonymity, the message was conveyed by the EMCC fundraising team to the donor.

“As a counsellor who sees many young people and their families, it is such a blessing that we have donors like yourself who give so generously to this cause. The youth, their families, come in to counselling so broken and in pain, and if not for subsidies that we can provide them thanks to donations, we are unable to reach them the way we can now. Some of these youth have suicidal ideation, self-harm behaviours, depression, anxiety and stress related to family conflicts. Counselling has assisted them by giving them a safe space to talk, to find coping strategies to manage better, more importantly, to give them hope that things can be better.” – Sanny Chen, EMCC Counsellor

 EMCC’s Appeal

EMCC is marking 25 years of service to the Singapore community this year.  If you have been moved by any of the messages above, please consider making a donation to our Jubilee Appeal.  All donations to this appeal are eligible for 2.5 times tax deduction.

Since 1997, EMCC has helped thousands of adults and youth, individuals and families, to overcome mental health challenges, resolve conflicts and repair relationships through counselling, mediation and training.  Through our public training programmes, participants gain self-awareness of their mental well-being and learn coping strategies to manage both their lives and relationships better.

Your donations will enable individuals and families from lower-income households to get the mental health support they need. We provide subsidies to over 80% of our clients. As a result, our income from fees is insufficient to cover our costs of running the centre. Donations therefore also help cover the costs of maintaining the counselling rooms and training facilities.

“We all need support in different ways – emotional, psychological and relationally.  Some of our clients especially those from lower-income families, also need financial support to receive the counselling they need.  Thank you, donors, for believing in our cause to bring hope to hurting individuals and restoring relationships.”  – Ng Ai Ling, EMCC Head of Counselling and Mediation

Every dollar you donate to this appeal will be matched by the government. But for EMCC to receive the government portion, we first need to receive your donation. Thank you very much for donating.

Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre Ltd – EMCC – is a registered charity, a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), and an approved Institution of Public Character (IPC).

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