Marriage Journey

Marriage Counselling

The Marriage Journey Programme is EMCC’s show of our firm commitment towards families and building the very cornerstone on which society is built upon.

We journey with our clients from pre-marriage, post-wedding and through parenthood. Our services aim to keep families strongly together, so that we can build a society resilient and united to face the days ahead.

Marriage Journey Programme

A solid marriage that is loving and fulfilling requires constant hard work, love, affection and attention. Far too many couples go through marriage alone, not realizing that it takes a whole village to grow a family. The Marriage Journey Programme in EMCC seeks to develop that ‘village’ for couples to find fulfillment in their marriage in a safe, nurturing and fun environment.


Our Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) is the starting point where couples embark on this journey as they prepare themselves for a lifetime of commitment to each other.  EMCC’s MPP seeks to explore with individual couples how they find resolutions in their situations, rather than dissolution, hope instead of helplessness and love instead of fear as they prepare to embrace each other in matrimony.


Along with marriage life comes children and many transitions, compromises and decisions which parents have to make.  These are often forgotten by parents by the time their children arrive at their teens.  EMCC’s Father-teen Conflict Management Workshop brings fathers back to the point of ‘reckoning’ where they come back face-to-face with the arrival of their youths, and ‘love them back’ into a relationship they long to have. We seek to journey with families towards fulfilling family lives by empowering fathers with new found knowledge of conflict management and through COSPI (Conflict Styles Preference Inventory), a conflict style diagnostic tool.