Mediation Singapore

Are you facing a divorce?
Do you want to resolve things but can’t even communicate with the other party?
Or, are you in conflict with your boss, friend, neighbour, family member?

Mediation can assist you. With the help of our experienced mediators, parties can meet to talk in an environment that promotes collaboration and peacemaking.

Don’t resort to court litigation before being fully informed of the alternative dispute resolution options available to you. Mediation is EMCC’s answer to you and is fast becoming the primary method of resolving disputes. There is good reason for this. Mediation is known worldwide and gaining momentum in Singapore because of its efficacy, cost-effectiveness and face-saving elements. With the help of our skilled mediators, you will not only have your say and be heard, maybe for the very first time, but you will also have the opportunity to decide your own outcome, your own solution and not be surprised by a judgment or limited to court dates and procedures. Before you do anything else, we encourage you to try mediation first. Mediation is enjoying an over 70% settlement rate.