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Sanny Chen makes a heartfelt appeal on behalf of young people.  Announcing another run of Gottman Clinical Training Levels 1 & 2, and a Peer Support Group for unemployed jobseekers who are coping with retrenchment or a career transition.


Sanny Chen makes heartfelt appeal for #YourLoveBringsHope

The countdown has begun. In just a few days, the fundraising campaign for donations to support our young people will end on 31 August 2022. We are still about $5,000 short of the target. Please help if you can.

Watch EMCC Counsellor Sanny Chen make a heartfelt appeal or make a donation here.

Every dollar you donate to the appeal before it ends on 31 August will enable us to receive another dollar from the government. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Employment-focused Peer Support Group

This support group is for jobseekers who are unemployed and coping with retrenchment or thinking of a career transition. Facilitated by an EMCC Counsellor, the sessions will offer psycho-emotional support, social bonds, and co-sharing of coping strategies, for those dealing with employment-related setbacks.

The dates of the support group sessions are as follows:

Session Date Day and Time Location
1 14 Sept   EMCC office
2 28 Sept Wednesdays 100 Victoria Street
3 12 Oct 7.30-9pm #11-02
4 26 Oct   National Library Building
5 9 Nov   S188064


More information and registration for the programme here Employment-focused Peer Support Group


Group Clinical Supervision

• Oct 4, 11, 18 25 (Tuesdays)   Group Clinical Supervision

EMCC is pleased to offer this unique opportunity for counselling professionals to reinforce your knowledge and skills in engaging couples from an experiential lens. In a safe and secure group setting, you will be able to review a recording of your own counselling session and practise specific elements of the Gottman Method with an experienced clinical supervisor and Level 3 Gottman practitioner.

Find out more about the Group Clinical Supervision here.


Gottman Clinical Training Level 1 & Level 2

• Oct 20 – 22 Gottman Clinical Training Level 1
• Nov 8 – 11 Gottman Clinical Training Level 2

Gottman Clinical Training returns for a second run this year with Stacy Hubbard! Join us and be empowered with the knowledge and skills to help couples.

When couples enter the therapy office, they sting with pain and despair. They look to the clinician to referee chronic conflicts, fix their conflicts, and rebuild burned bridges. Now, based on Dr John Gottman’s 40 years of compelling research with over 3,000 couples, there’s a practical and highly effective approach to guiding couples across the chasm that divides them.

In these workshops, you will be provided with a research-based roadmap for helping couples compassionately manage their conflicts, deepen their friendship and intimacy, and share their life purpose and dreams.

Find out more here.

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